Through an European project, the marathon K3 Ultra GBR has become the biggest sport event in Bulgaria


The fifth edition of the K3 ultramarathon in Zlatograd

The K3 Ultra Ultramarathon in the 100% awake programme on BNT 1.


The K3 Ultramarathon in Zlatograd has ended

The K3 Ultra Ultramarathon in the Bulgaria in 60 Minutes programme on BNT 1.


Emilia Tsoneva for the fourth K3 ULTRA Marathon

With almost 800 people, the fourth edition of many people’s favourite K3 ULTRA Marathon started in Zlatograd,
and this year the organisers surprised the marathoners with two brand new routes.

According to Emilia Tsoneva, who is also the driving force of the K3 ULTRA idea, the two new routes are extraordinary not only because of the beautiful views that spread before the eyes of the runners and the adrenaline they charge them with, but also for many other reasons.

Ms. Emilia Tsoneva announced especially for the listeners of Radio Plovdiv this year’s winners and what other innovations the K3 ULTRA team boasts. She was a guest in the Antena Sport programme hosted by Diyan Nikiforov.


The fourth edition of the international ultramarathon in Zlatograd begins

The ultramarathon K3 Ultra and Zlatograd in the ‘Bulgaria in 60 Minutes’ programme on BNT 1.


Zlatograd – the southernmost Bulgarian town

The K3 Ultra Ultramarathon and Zlatograd in the “10,000 steps” show on BNT 2.


Ultramarathon: 700 participants attack the race in Zlatograd

Athletes will run along three mountain trails with a length of 23, 53 or 85 kilometres.
There will be almost no asphalt or easy flat terrains along the route.

The marathon is held for third year in a row. Part of the route is literally on the borderline with Greece.

According to the participants, a very good preparation is necessary. 20% of the athletes’ entry fee goes to afforestation of green zones in the area.
We take very seriously this year’s event, because we are in a pandemic situation due to COVID-19; we have made every possible to make this wonderful event K3 ULTRA happen, because for us it is not only an ultramarathon, it is an emotion, people are happy , we also have accompanying events, said organiser Emilia Tsoneva.

Men’s best time over the 23 kilometre distance is 2 hours, one minute and two seconds, and the women’s best time is 2 hours, 20 minutes and 35 seconds.


K3 ULTRA 2021 in the "Around the world and in our country" programme on BNT – 8:00, 25 September 2021.


Zlatograd hosts an ultramarathon – BNT: Bulgaria in 60 minutes, 24/09/2021


Preparation for the event is in effect

“Preparation for the event is in effect… We are constantly monitoring the situation in the country and in the world and are preparing to respond to all requirements.” See what else Ms. Emilia Tsoneva said to BNR in the link below.


K3 ULTRA with the "Business partner in the promotion of Zlatograd" prize

The organisers of the K3 ULTRA Ultramarathon were presented with “Business partner in the promotion of Zlatograd” award What is the culture of the ultramarathon and how can such events be used to showcase the sights of the country? A conversation with the chairperson of the organising committee of the ultramarathon, Emilia Tsoneva.


PLAMAK.BG - A test of strength, spirit and human will through the beauties around Zlatograd

Article by Anita Cholakova about K3 ULTRA 2019


Here are the champions of the traditional K3 ULTRA Zlatograd Ultramarathon

The men’s first three arrivals from the longest GBR 85K route at K3 ULTRA Zlatograd 2019. The winner is Ivan Gochev with a time of 10 hours and 28 minutes, followed by Pirin Galov (11 hours 23 minutes) and Bozhidar Antonov (11 hours 57 minutes). Well done to the champions.
Elia Atanasova and Daniela Dimitrova finished with the same time – 15 hours 15 minutes 35 seconds – the GBR 85K trail at K3 Ultra 2019! This is how the final three (in this case four) among the women running the GBR 85K became clear:
1. Boryana Nikolcheva (13 hours 21 minutes), 2. Maya Taneva (14 hours 39 minutes), 3. Elia Atanasova (15 hours 15 minutes), 3. Daniela Borisova (15 hours 15 minutes).
A few minutes before midnight, the last competitors of K3 ULTRA 2019 finished. They finished nearly 19 hours after starting at 5:00 am on 28/09/2019.

“Congratulations on your strength and tenacity!

Thanks to everyone who participated, you made the K3 ULTRA an exciting experience that we will remember for a long time. Or at least until the next ultramarathon in 2020!”, the organisers said.



Over 250 participants took part in the first K3 Ultra Ultramarathon in Zlatograd.


An international ultramarathon was held in Zlatograd

Over 250 participants took part in the first ultramarathon, which took place in the southernmost town of Bulgaria – Zlatograd. They raced on trails with a length of 23, 53 and 85 kilometres.
One of the most famous Bulgarian ultralong-distance runners participated in the unique sports event. The first start was given at 5 am in Zlatograd. The organisers had prepared and secured three routes of varying degrees of difficulty.

Emilia Tsoneva – organiser: Additionally, they soak into amazing , unconquered and undiscovered nature, because these are the unknown Rhodopes.

The champion was Ivan Gochev from Sliven, who covered the longest distance – 85 kilometres in 10 hours and 28 minutes. Pirin Galov and Bozhidar Antonov won silver and bronze.

Ivan Gochev: Long, very beautiful, the route was very interesting. And the rivalry was very good. And I am super happy with the organisation of the race.

In 6 hours and 31 minutes, Dimitar Karamihov was the first to run the 53-kilometre route.
Dimitar Karamihov: It was a demanding task. The route was very well prepared by the organisers and this greatly facilitated our running experience. Everything was up to par.

For women, Boryana Nikolcheva was first at 85 kilometres, and Desislava Tsvetanova at 53. In the shortest distance – 23 kilometres, there were the most participants – 140. The winner for men is Yasen Aleksiev, and for women – Neli Anastasova.
Neli Anastasova: Great experience, great route, at times very steep, a lot of climbing, but it was great.
Elmira Ugorlieva – Deputy Mayor of Zlatograd: From KaUltra, Zlatograd gains perhaps the most valuable, the most important, the most essential thing – popularity.

The organisers plan to make the ultramarathon a tradition, and the competitors were adamant that they would return to Zlatograd again.


The "Sports and Music" programme on "Horizont" radio of BNR


Darik Radio for K3 Ultra from the press conference in Burgas – GOLD BORDER RACE

Darik radio for K3 Ultra from the press conference in Burgas – GOLD BORDER RACE


BNR Burgas for K3 ULTRA GOLD BORDER RACE from the press conference in Burgas

BNR Burgas for K3 ULTRA GOLD BORDER RACE from the press conference in Burgas


Press conference and presentation to journalists and ultramarathoners of K3 Ultra in the press club of Radio Varna

Press conference and presentation to journalists and ultramarathoners of K3 Ultra in the press club of Radio Varna. Emilia Tsoneva, Nikolay Marangozov, Bozhidar Antonov and PR Lyubomir Karadzhov present the routes, natural and historical sights and unique conditions of the ultramarathon in the southernmost Bulgarian town. Gold Border Race Zlatograd, 28/09/2019.


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