Dear ultramarathoners, volunteers and partners, respected institutions, that took part in the organisation and running of K3 Ultra,

On behalf of the Board of directors, I want to express my sincere admiration for the spirit and will to win of all the runners who participated! It was you who turned the race into a real celebration! With the greatest respect, I thank the Zlatograd Municipality, the Madan Municipality and the Nedelino Municipality, who embraced the idea and supported the organisers until the very end of the event! Volunteers, you were amazing too! We appreciate your tireless efforts to make every competitor feel supported during the difficult trial! Respect to the police in Zlatograd and Madan for the strict order and security in the towns and the area where K3 Ultra is held! And what would the race be without Victor’s timing team and the specialised team for wireless communications of Kiril Sokolov with all the aid stations along the routes! We owe you the accurate reporting and impeccable connection on the routes! And thanks to the Bowen team for taking care of the health and fitness of the competitors! Well-deserved applause for the performers in the festive programme in the central square, and also for the restaurateurs who contributed to the festive atmosphere! Congratulations to the team of photographers at the event and to the presenter for his tireless work in front of the microphone! Thanks also to all the residents of Zlatograd, Madan and Nedelino for their sympathy for the competition. We are happy to meet your expectations! It will be an honour for us to be together at the next edition next year, because we are all already convinced that: K3 Ultra is not just a race! K3 Ultra is an emotion!

General sponsor

Geops-Bolkan Drilling Services Ltd. is one of the leading companies on the Balkan Peninsula and Europe in the field of geological exploration activities. From 2004 until now, Geops-Bolkan Drilling Services EOOD has carried out geological exploration activities in the amount of hundreds of thousands of meters of core and technical drilling. The company has 40 pieces of drilling equipment and in order to satisfy the needs of customers, it is constantly investing and expanding the range of offered drilling services. Over the years, GEOPS has strengthened its position as a reliable and fair drilling contractor for many investors on the Balkans and in Central Europe.




Recycling and recovery of unusable motor vehicles, electrical and electronic equipment, batteries and accumulators.


Ecobattery is a recovery organisation for end-of-life batteries and accumulators (ELBA). Through a well-organised and efficient system, Ecobattery plc enables producers and marketers of batteries and accumulators to meet their obligations under the Waste Management Act to meet targets.

Ecobattery cooperates both with the companies that owe a product fee for the batteries and accumulators placed on the Bulgarian market, as well as with the municipal administration, state institutions and NGOs in the implementation of the country’s environmental policy regarding waste batteries and accumulators.


FILKAB AD is among the leaders on the Bulgarian market of goods and services in the field of electrical engineering and has built a reputation as a reliable and responsible partner. We develop our activities in three main areas: trade, production and project implementation. We provide complex and quality services, as well as specialised service. Our long-standing customers are companies and businesses operating in the fields of electrical installation, construction and commerce, and such related to power generation, electricity transmission and distribution, as well as in the RES and communications industry. The innovative products and technologies offered by FILKAB in the field of electrical engineering are present in your homes, your workplace and the urban environment around you to make your life and work easier and more enjoyable.

FILKAB AD maintains excellent business relations with many recognised Bulgarian and European manufacturers such as Schneider Electric, Siemens, Legrand, Philips, Prysmian Group, Gamakabel and many others. This enables us to provide products and services under the best conditions.

In addition, we are proud owners of numerous industry awards and medals, which we have deservedly earned over the years. They motivate us to develop and fulfil our dreams professionally.


Sprint is the brand with the greatest traditions in the Max Europe LTD family. The story began in 1996, when Maxkom EOOD, the largest subsidiary of the Max Europe holding and one of today’s largest bicycle manufacturers in Europe, started its own production of bicycles with the Sprint brand in Plovdiv. For more than 20 years, we have continuously invested passion, effort, countless hours of research, development and testing to create bicycles that provide maximum enjoyment, comfort and emotion from cycling.

Maxbike Ltd is the company within the structure of Max Europe responsible for the development of the Sprint brand. The home of Max Europe is one of the most modern bicycle production bases in Europe with a total area of 40,000 sq.m. The holding produces nearly half a million bicycles a year, with proven quality and strict production control, which guarantee security among traders and customers in over 20 countries in Europe. In the process of creating bicycles, next generation production methods, highly qualified personnel, a modern test centre and a department for powder and water coating with environmentally friendly paints that meet the latest European requirements are used.

We at Maxbike believe that every bike has its own character. Therefore, at the core of our philosophy are the people involved in the creation of the products. Thanks to the efforts of our engineers, designers, product and production managers, every Sprint bike provides riders with an unforgettable experience. Our focus is on creating a quality product that is synonymous for a sense of comfort, style and uniqueness. Every single Sprint bike is created using carefully selected technologies as the result of numerous studies, research and tests. In this way, we are sure to present maximum pleasure, comfort and emotion from cycling.


SALLINA 7 LTD was registered in February 2004 with the main scope of business activity – trade in fuel and lubricants. 70% of the company’s turnover comes from fuel sales. Fuels are mainly purchased from Lukoil Neftohim AD and imported from Romania. According to the company’s policy, they do not go through an intermediate warehouse, but are delivered directly to the customer from the manufacturer’s base, which provides a better guarantee of quality and quantity parameters. The company has warehouses in Sopot and Karlovo. Deliveries are made with our own transport, complying with the ADR Convention. 25% of the company’s turnover comes from the sale of industrial oils, the production of Prista Oil AD – Ruse, Lubrika AD, TEXACO, SHELL, etc.

SALLINA 7 LTD placed itself on the market with high quality of the services provided, expediency and efficiency, and takes its place among the hundred leading companies in the country, according to the studies of the Capital media – “K100”.



Podem Ltd is a construction company with over 25 years of experience in the field of construction and entrepreneurship. A professional in real estate investing and management. It has over 150 properties for rent. The construction sites of the company work according to the latest technologies, high-quality materials are used, which in combination with the team of professionals, turned the company’s signature into a symbol of quality.


Garanti is a real estate agency with over 15 years of experience in the field of real estate, which offers a wide variety of apartments, offices and commercial areas in the area of Plovdiv. With its rich base of properties in different parts of the town and a young and highly qualified team of professionals, the agency ensures quality services and protection of clients’ interests in a potential transaction – correctness, responsibility and precision.

Running zone

RunningZone is the first and only specialized running store in Bulgaria. Opened in April 2014, it was created and run by runners.

Our main goal is to inspire people to run for fun and to give running enthusiasts access to the best and highly rated products from the leading brands in the field. Through our consultation, we want to help the runner, whether beginner or advanced, find their right shoe to achieve their goals, keep themselves injury-free and be satisfied with their running.

Running Zone provides a high level of advice using specialist foot and gait analysis equipment and software. Each client tries on and tests different running shoes on the treadmill to experience the benefits of each.

We will assist you not only in choosing the most appropriate equipment, but also with help in selecting a running program, diet and workouts!

Running is our passion!


BULTEX 99 EOOD specializes in the production and supply of protective and work clothing, import and trade in protective equipment and personal protective equipment. Our products guarantee healthy and safe working conditions, protecting workers from harmful effects of the environment and working environment.

The company carries out and coordinates its activities through a modernly equipped commercial base and office in Plovdiv, designated as a logistics center, with a total commercial area of 10,000 sq.m.. Part of it is a warehouse under customs control, through which we optimize customs costs over time, fees and VAT and we re-export to other countries.

To ensure quality and timely customer service, we have our own fleet of vehicles and a commercial network of warehouses and stores throughout the country.

The customers of BULTEX 99 EOOD can always count on trained and highly qualified staff in our sales outlets throughout the country.

We are representatives and direct importers of protective equipment and personal protective equipment from leading European manufacturers. Our partners are companies from Italy, the Czech Republic, Greece, Romania, Macedonia, Albania and other countries.

Mission: To win your trust with our attitude and respect for the business you do. Our goal is to be successful by helping your business to be successful, providing security, professionalism, comfort and a modern vision in our joint activity. BE UNIQUE, PROTECTED AND CALM WHEN YOU WORK!


Carolina Ltd deals with international transport and spedition, trade in cars and equipment, and services in Bulgaria and Germany, road services and crane services.


Biomashin AD is a leading company specialising in the design and production of technological equipment for the dairy, food, pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries. The main products that the company produces are vessels and complex shell-and-tube heat exchangers made of stainless steel.

Founded way back in 1986, today Biomashin is a preferred partner for the supply of process equipment to the largest engineering companies in the world, as well as to the most demanding end customers.

At Biomashin we share core values:
– Honesty
– Working SMART (specific, measurable, achievable, relevant and time-limited)
– Striving for constant improvement
– Seeking perfection and customer satisfaction
– Enjoy working together and celebrate success
– Responsibility

ANES – 96 Ltd.

For more than 17 years “Anes-96” OOD has developed its presence in the field of the environmental management of hazardous and non-hazardous waste material.
We provide a complete service to our customers; consultations about the legal permits required for the collection, transportation and storage of waste; pre-treatment to facilitate recovery/recycling of waste, treatment prior to waste disposal.
We also undertake the treatment of hazardous waste to produce a non-dangerous substance.


DSK Bank is the leader on the Bulgarian banking market, the financial institution with the largest number of customers and the leader in terms of trust among users of financial services.
As a modern company with a long-term development strategy and large-scale digital transformation of its business, the bank invests in the development of innovative offices, modern products and customised solutions for its clients. The bank provides its more than 2.5 million customers with the largest branch and ATM network in the country, as well as first-class electronic banking channels.



Manufacturer of workwear, protective and professional clothing.


Maryan Winery was founded in 2010 by Svetla and Iliya Ivanovi along with their sons Petar and Vladimir with the idea of creating small series of boutique wines at the foothills of Stara Planina Mountain – the village of Maryan, near Elena.

With a lot of love and dedication, the cellar team produces white, rosé and red wines from the Dimyat, Sauvignon Blanc, Chardonnay, Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc and Mavrud varieties.

The Kera Tamara, Queen Elena, Ivan Alexander wines carry the memory of our great ancestors and the charge of their heirs.
Enjoy them!

e-mail: maryan.wines@gmail.com
tel.: 00359889528635


Viomoda is one of the most modern and specialised textile factories in Europe for the production of high-tech sportswear.

For this purpose, the best quality and functional fabrics and materials supplied from all over the world are used.
The team of specialists manages to develop and produce unique sports models and leisure wear with its innovative design and technology, using new methods based on advanced technologies.
Starting with only three special seamstresses, after 5-years long history Viomoda has grown and is currently a thriving company with 3 workshops in Plovdiv, Krichim and Chirpan and over 280 employees.

The company policy is maintaining high ethical and social standards, revival of traditions in textile production and popularisation of the industry among the younger generation.

The company adheres to sustainable practices to ensure European conditions in the working environment.


Food Arena is a catering company located on the territory of Plovdiv. It has been actively developing its activities for about 3 years and offers high-end products on the market. The company has an innovative vision of how to eat healthy and delicious and turns food tasting into an experience to remember for a long time. Its main business activities are related to corporate catering, professional catering for special events, culinary demonstrations and others.


Mellifera JSC is a rapidly growing Bulgarian company which develops specialized nutrition. Founded by a beekeeper, with a mission to bring awareness of sustainability and organic beekeeping, the focus of the company is the innovative application of organic honey.

Mellifera’s flagship product – MelliGEL is an organic energy gel, designed for endurance and concentration during prolonged exercise. Combining honey with other superfoods and plant extracts with proven benefits for the health, its overall functional properties extend beyond the initial purpose to provide energy for athletes. The product has the dual use for energy and recovery, aiding immunity and wellbeing.


Campers are our hobby, and travelling with them is our main type of vacation. That’s why we created Campers BG, a company engaged in the sale and rental of luxury campers. Together with our Finnish partners from Touring Cars, we are expanding the network of locations from which you can start your dream holiday on wheels.

Campers BG Ltd is the representative for Bulgaria of one of the leading German manufacturers of caravans and campers, Hobby and Eura Mobil, as well as Reimo and Movera, offering camping and caravanning accessories.


We help athletes with the situations they face on a daily basis.



The Union of Brewers in Bulgaria (UBB) is the representative organisation of the producers of beer, malt and hop in the country and their suppliers of raw materials and equipment. Since its foundation in 1981, the association’s mission has been to support and promote the development of the Bulgarian brewing industry, to raise the professional status of those working in the industry, to promote the natural qualities of the raw materials and the integrity of the category, to promote traditions, rituals and the moderate consumption of beer as part of the modern lifestyle.

Since 2008, the organisation has been a member of the Brewers of Europe – the voice of the brewing industry in Europe. Soon after, UBB was declared “the most dynamic national association”. Today, public opinion polls show that the Bulgarian brewing industry enjoys an extremely high approval rating from citizens, giving it second place in reputation in Europe.


DETELINA NUTS was established in 1989 as a small family company. Today it is the leader on the Bulgarian market for the production and trade of roasted and raw nuts, dried fruits and vegetables.

The company has well-trained and qualified personnel, the production and warehouse areas are located on 5,100 m², and the raw materials used are both Bulgarian and imported from almost all continents.

Thanks to the good marketing, the well-developed distribution network and logistics activities, the products with the trademark DETELINA NUTS can be bought in the commercial network anywhere in the country. We are a recognised supplier and partner of wholesalers and retailers in every town.
In order to meet the high demands of customers in terms of quality and safety, a wide assortment of products and a variety of packaging and cuts, we have modern technological equipment for baking and packaging, as well as well-equipped warehouses for storage and our own means of transport. This, as well as the strict monitoring over quality and sanitary-hygienic requirements at every stage of production, storage and transportation, makes us highly competitive on the market. The company applies an integrated product safety system according to IFS Food, version 6.

Our goal is the high quality of customer service, the ever more complete satisfaction of their requirements for safe food and a full-fledged partnership with them.


DEVIN Mineral comes from the heart of the Rhodopes – pure, low-mineralised and suitable for daily use by adults. It contains natural minerals and takes care of the body’s good hydration in the hectic everyday life, during sports and physical exertion. Regular water intake is an essential element for a healthy lifestyle. Discover the natural minerals in DEVIN Mineral.


Zlatograd Ethnographic Complex includes an Archaeological and Ethnographic Museum and 9 craft workshops. They present crafts characteristic of the region such as: knifemaking, tailoring, pottery, goldsmithing, weaving, tailoring, pipe-making, woollen braiding, shoemaking, barbering. Apart from that, the complex offers accommodation in an authentic Bulgarian National Revival style with modern amenities, a spa centre, swimming pools, as well as traditional taverns and cafés. When you come to Zlatograd, do not miss to see the Yagnevo Complex, which is located 13 km away from the town, in the direction of Kardzhali.


Bella (Bulgaria) is the ideal business partner in the food industry in Southeast Europe. It gathers under one roof leading companies and brands, products and services that offer the best price-quality ratio. The company’s portfolio contains over 200 products produced under their own and private brands in 9 processing plants. It owns commercial structures in Greece and Romania. The company’s products are available on the markets of four continents in over 20 countries – Germany, Spain, Cyprus, USA, Australia, England, Lebanon, The Netherlands, Turkey and others.

Dimitar Madjarov

There is hardly a Bulgarian family that does not gladly put on their table a specialty from “Dimitar Madjarov”. Established more than 30 years ago, the company produces meat and dairy products “from our family to your family”. For three decades it has been a symbol of quality and authentic Bulgarian taste. Its portfolio includes over 160 dairy and meat products.

The Beginning

The company was established by Yulia and Dimitar Madjarov in 1991 – initially as a food trading company. In trading the two founders learned one of their most valuable lessons – how to work with people, analyze what customers are looking for and offer them exactly that. They started their own sausage production in 1994 precisely through products that consumers wanted – sausages, frankfurters, long-lasting sausages. In 1998 salted cheeses and yellow cheese under the “Dimitar Madjarov” brand went to customers from the dairy farm of the company. Gradually the company established two production capacities – a dairy factory in Stamboliyski with a daily capacity of up to 80 tons of fresh Bulgarian milk and a meat processing plant in Plovdiv with a daily capacity of up to 30 tons.

In the beginning 5 people worked for “Dimitar Madjarov”. Thirty years later, three of these employees are still part of the team – of course, in more responsible positions. Today “Dimitar Madjarov” provides a living for over 300 people.


TRAKI is a new and modern canning factory in Bulgaria, that started operation in 2014, specialising in the production of high-quality canned vegetables and delicacies. It is located on an area of 16,000 m2.


Sunny Market Ltd is the successor of Georgi Dechev ET. The company has been engaged in wholesale trade of food products since 1992.
The company took its first steps in trade in the town of Pazardzhik. Since 1996, it has moved its activities to the territory of the Zlatograd Municipality.
It currently has its own base of 1,500 sq.m., its own chain of retail stores, 12 vans and 45 staff.
The company was created to meet the product needs of commercial establishments (grocery stores, catering establishments, pavilions, social establishments, etc.)
The range includes the most popular consumer goods offered in grocery stores. It operates on the territory of Zlatograd Municipality, Kirkovo Municipality, Madan Municipality, Nedelino Municipality and the town of Smolyan.

The price policy of the company is constant and is in line with the purchasing possibilities of the market. It has at least two price categories of uniform products – low and medium. The supply of luxury goods is limited!
The assortment is selected according to the demand and basic needs of the customers and the popularity of the products.
Delivery is carried out daily upon prior request and is free of charge from the customer’s business premises with own transport and regardless of the volume of the request.
The company provides free mobile connection to all its customers.


Botanical is one of the leading companies in Bulgaria for processing of dried herbs and fruits, as well as the production of tea.
We are a family company with more than 30-year long history.
With fresh ideas and high professionalism, we monitor the quality of raw materials at every stage from their acceptance to the shipment of the finished product.
As a family company, we put a lot of time and attention into every herb we process and every tea we make.
A trading code of conduct has always been an integral part of our business. We have direct contact with our suppliers and customers.
We declare that in our company in recent years we have introduced a number of changes to ensure environmental protection.
Packaging materials are minimised and tested for recycling and biodegradation.
Every day we take care to protect and preserve our precious planet.
BOTANICAL is a brand you can trust!

MISSION – our main mission is to market natural and excellent quality dried herbs, spices and fruits for the food, pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries. Also, premium monofloral and polyfloral herbal and fruit teas.

VISION – our vision is to provide our customers with the best possible quality of raw materials and products offered, as well as unbeatable service.
We have partnerships with many world-renowned tea and herbal producers to ensure the desired quality and stable prices.
Our pursuit of perfection and our passion for the art of composing tea mixtures is what makes our products so unique.

VALUES – customers are at the centre of our work.
We know that our employees are our most valuable resource and we support their growth and development.
We have a clear position against violence and discrimination in the workplace. The people we work with vary in age, gender and ethnicity.

– Because we love nature!
– Because tea is our way of life!
– Because we make our teas with passion and love!
– Because we monitor the quality from the acceptance of the raw materials to the final product!
– Because we meet the highest food quality standards!


AMV-Agro Ltd is a major producer of certified clone-selected vine planting material in Bulgaria of wine and dessert varieties.

We offer a complete package of services for the creation of vineyards:
– vine planting material
– investigation of the terrain and determination of its appropriateness for the growing of vines
– pre-project investigation
– technological project for creating and growing vine plantations, which includes detailed guidelines for the time period till the start of fruitfulness
– consultations for growing a vine plantation, in cases of harmfulness caused by the low winter temperatures, late spring freezes and hails
– schemes for the phytosanitary state maintenance of vine plantation and preparations for the plant protection and fertilisers

This company business activity of the firm is supported by high qualification specialists, experts and scientific researchers.


From a modest hall with a few workers to a modernly equipped base with over 80 people personnel – this is the evolution of our factory, which, of course, continues to develop. It was established in 2004, when the family passion for confectionery took on an industrial appearance. Grandma’s priceless recipes left our kitchen and passed through our modern work base, where masterful hands and the latest pastry technology sculpt some of Bulgaria’s most beloved sweet temptations. Today, AGI is proud of its rich production of biscuits, pastries, cakes and small sweets, prepared under the most strict control and packed according to modern technology preserving their unique taste qualities. The selection of high-quality raw materials guarantees our consumers pure and authentic products, simple and just like the home-made delicacies of days of yore. Our pursuit of perfection always moves us forward. The accumulated experience and the constant assimilation of novelties in the industry help us to mix traditional aromas and flavours in a modern and original method, turning the sugar secrets of the past into masterpieces of modern confectionery art.


The idea of creating the brand comes after repeatedly asked questions from our friends and acquaintances about where quality socks can be purchased, and our references to foreign brands for which we produce. It is ironic how high-quality socks produced in Bulgaria can be found in the stores of leading foreign sports and designer brands, and at the same time are not available to Bulgarian consumers. The goal of the Pirin Hill brand is to offer an alternative, on the one hand, to the cheap but low-quality and uniform Asian products, and on the other hand, to the big international brands with products at unreasonably high prices, which do not always correspond to the quality offered. All Pirin Hill brand socks are produced in our family factory in the town of Ruse. The knowledge and experience accumulated over the years in working with brands in Great Britain, France and Germany are the basis on which the Pirin Hill brand stands with the idea of offering Bulgarian consumers high-quality products with an attractive design at reasonable prices.


GO RUN is a specialized running store where you will find suitable equipment and shoes for every terrain and every distance. Founded in 2024 by Alexander Spasov and Reni Valkanova.

Our team will give you useful advice to make the right choice. Take a look at our website and don’t hesitate to contact us!


Alexander Spasov
“I’m Sasho and I love to run. No matter the distance or the terrain. Every kilometer I run brings me pleasure, so I don’t limit myself and you can see me on the tartan track, on the road and especially on the mountain trails. Over the years, I’ve accumulated enough knowledge of training and the right choice of equipment for a particular race, that’s why Rennie and I decided to launch our personal project, which is aimed at all lovers of runners.”
Reni Valkanova
Reni is an adventurer at heart and habitual movement in all forms – running, cycling, surfing and skiing.

ABOPharma Bulgaria

ABOPharma Bulgaria is a pharmaceutical company with many years of experience and traditions in the Bulgarian market, whose goal is to be #1 in the creation and distribution of high-quality and innovative products for sports and health.

One of the pearls in your crown is called MAGNESIUM 1000® LIQUID – a high dose of liquid magnesium with two captivating flavors of strawberry and orange in a convenient stick for direct use – for energy tone and muscle recovery. A faithful ally against muscle cramps and cramps.

SUBRA Pharmacies

With over 60 locations throughout Bulgaria and an online pharmacy www.subra.bg – we are by your side, in every corner of the country.


Doppelhertz is a brand of the German company Queisser Pharma, dedicated to the health and active life of people, and for the last five years it has been an irreplaceable part of sports life in Bulgaria. The team builds aid stations with magnesium and vitamins at a number of running and cycling competitions, supports individual athletes and local teams, as well as initiatives related to the stimulation of children’s sports and movement.

A total of 5 magnesium products can be found under the Doppelhertz brand – Doppelhertz Magnesium 500, Doppelhertz Magnesium + Calcium – both with a biphasic DEPO tablet, Doppelhertz Magnesium + C + E – added antioxidants, magnesium in soluble form with added B vitamins – Doppelhertz Magnesium 400 and magnesium in the form of micropellets for direct intake without water – Doppelhertz Sport Direct. In addition to the variety of magnesium products, Doppelhertz also offers three products for joints, among which Doppelhertz Collagen 11.000 stands out the most – liquid hydrolyzed collagen in individual doses for direct intake anywhere without water, ensuring the correct dose every day. Of course, among the other more than 30 products, you can find both multivitamins and various supplements for tone, energy and immunity, as well as products for specific care such as eye vitamins, detox supplements, liver care, urinary tract care and naturally such for beautiful skin, hair and nails.

In the production of Doppelhertz products, extremely high quality standards and good manufacturing practices are observed. It is no coincidence that Doppelhertz is the number one brand in Bulgaria in the nutritional supplements category for the 7th year in a row, and four of the products have been awarded the “Food Supplement of the Year” award by the Bulgarian Pharmaceutical Union. 2019 is the third year in which Doppelhertz has been selected as the Bulgarian consumer’s favourite brand in the category of vitamins and nutritional supplements in the only consumer ranking in our country.

Doppelhertz Magnesium 500
Doppelhertz Magnesium + Calcium
Doppelhertz Magnesium + C + E
Doppelhertz Magnesium 400
Doppelhertz Sport Direct

ORIFLAME For more than 50 years, we’ve been supporting people around the world for beauty to celebrate and to make their dreams come true. We create and offer cosmetics lovers state-of-the-art high-quality and safe products, as well as the unique opportunity to become part of a global beauty community. For us, beauty is a way of life – to be healthy, to have a good look, to have the opportunity to express yourself, to have fun together with others. At the same time, our products must be safe, reliable and deliver the results we promise. This philosophy guides us in creating our products, which have won your trust and love.

Star Nails

Since its establishment in 1993, Star Nails – Bulgaria has been a pioneer in the Bulgarian cosmetic products and beauty industry, committed to professional quality and innovation in the care of nail and beauty services.
Specialists in manicure and pedicure salons have been relying on the brand for 30 years now. In search of a way to offer the most suitable solutions in the field of cosmetics industry in 2001, the company began developing and producing manicure and pedicure products.
This direction gives Star Nails the incredible opportunity to listen to the problems, wishes and ideas of professionals and to guarantee the quality and effectiveness of its products manufactured in Bulgaria.
The Star Nails portfolio also includes products suitable for end customer use. They are aimed both at preventing problematic conditions on the feet and toenails, and at maintaining a healthy appearance of the skin and nails. Today, Star Nails – Bulgaria is a member of the Association of Small and Medium Enterprises The Beauty and Health Industry. The company is also a member of Bulgarian National Association of Essential Oils, Perfumery and Cosmetics.
In its desire to continuously improve the quality of its products and services, Star Nails – Bulgaria is a certified company under BDS EN ISO 9001:2015 the quality Management Systems.



In a world surrounded by the tall pines of the Rhodope Mountains, the small town of Zlatograd is bubbling. A place where everything is golden – both nature and people!
The town, whose name the song about Delyu Haidutin carries endlessly around the universe, is a village with a unique atmosphere, which you can feel in:
– the unique architecture of the Old Town;
– the sanctity of the Crossed Forest, the Thracian sanctuaries and the Belite Kamene (White Stones);
– the beauty of the Rhodope Mountains, sculpted by picturesque eco-paths;
– the colourful alleys, transforming the spirit of the Rhodope woman!

You can see all this if you visit Zlatograd!


If you love quiet and peaceful corners and the gifts and beauty of the Bulgarian nature, then Madan, located in the heart of the Rhodopes, will definitely intrigue you.
Unique riches have been discovered in its depths, and above them there is majestic flora and fauna. The spirit of the mountain constantly whispers with fresh pine-scented air, for sunny skies and meadows dotted with herbs and flowers. Here they met the earthly and underground riches that everyone should see!


Geographically, Nedelino Municipality occupies part of the central southern part of the Middle Rhodopes and covers an area of 102.3 square meters at an altitude of 450 to 1,200 meters. The town of Nedelino is located about 60 km away from the regional centres of Smolyan (65 km) and Kardzhali (63 km) and 165 km from the town of Plovdiv. To the south, the municipality borders the Zlatograd Municipality, to the east – the Dzhebel Municipality, to the north and northwest with – the Ardino Municipality, to the west and southwest – Madan Municipality. It includes a total of 16 settlements – town of Nedelino and the villages of Burevo, Varli dol, Varlino, Garnati, Dimanovo, Dunia, Izgrev, Kozarka, Kochani, Kundevo, Elenka, Krayna, Ogradna, Sredets, Tanka bara. The Nedelino Municipality takes 3.2% of the territory of the Smolyan Province, which has an area of 3,192.9 square km.
Nedelino was declared a town by Decree No. 1942 of 17/09/1974, this is also the official date of the official town holiday, but because Nedelino is also known for its unique two-part singing (a festival is held every year), usually the municipality combines the town holiday with the Festival of Two-part Singing and Folk Songs with international participation, taking place simultaneously on the first Saturday and Sunday of September each year.

The Bezdannik Pool, located along the Bureska River valley, is a deep pit, which is a natural phenomenon created from water-carved forms in a rock bed. Legend has it that people drowned here, and since they never surfaced, it is called “Abysmal” (Bezdannik). It is currently designated as a natural attraction with built tourist infrastructure.

St. Nedelya Church – built with funds from donors, mainly people working abroad, and from the Future for Bulgaria Foundation, with modern architecture and icon paintings in very good condition.

Nikolay Kaufman Town Park – it is located in the central part of Nedelino. There is a memorial plaque to the discoverer of the phenomenon “Nedelinski two-part singing” (Nedelinski dvuglas) and a memorial sign at the place where the Jews of the 3rd labour group performed forced slave labour in the period 1941-1944.

Turchin Most Area – Turchin Most is the historical monument at the emblematic for Nedelino place. Legend has it that all the inhabitants who refused to accept Islam and surrendered their faith were thrown into the Nedelino River from here. Festive celebrations are organised on St. George’s Day at Turchin Most.


Discover the World of Red Bull


Race timing with RFID technology, GPS tracking with multiple analyses, real-time online results.


At the beginning of 2013, we came up with the idea to create a brand that would offer high-quality sports equipment. As current athletes, we know that the convenience and comfort of every single product we use during training or racing is extremely important. After several months of hard work and numerous tests, the first Sign Sport models were available. In 2015, Sign Sport was already an established brand in many countries in Europe. The desire to deliver high-end products to our customers motivated us to start working with some of the best brands in the world for compression clothing, footwear and nutritional supplements.


Grifo Design Advertising Studio is a specialised company in the field of graphic design, print and outdoor advertising. To you, our customers, we provide not just complete advertising service, but comprehensive care for the successful presentation of your company or product. We, our team of professionals, carefully develop our ideas and proposals before presenting them to your attention, we precisely touch the smallest detail, we build lasting relationships with clients and partners.

The first impression is the most important!


Right Pack Ltd. Printing House is a family-owned company with long history and rich experience in cardboard and flexible packaging production.

The printing house has a modern production base and offers a complete cycle of packaging production, which contributes to the high quality of the packaging. It offers a full range of effects and technologies such as UV varnish, hot stamping, embossing, lamination. Finishing operations such as cardboard backing, die-cutting and gluing are constant part of the production process in the company.

Right Pack Printing House maintains long-term partnerships with leading manufacturers in the food, cosmetic, cigarette and other industries. The company is certified with ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015 and FSC® CoC certification and it’s mission and goal is by the end of 2025 to achieve production in which 50% of the packaging is made of recycled paper.


Bowen is what will restore the balance and harmonious functioning of your body, so that it can restore its own defence mechanisms and in each particular situation choose the optimal balance to maintain health in a superior state. There is no doubt that Bowen® will change your life! Give yourself a chance! Trigger your self-recovery!

Black Rabbit. Artisan Coffee

Black Rabbit. – A team of young and motivated people, aiming to offer you a high quality and delicious product that will leave a fragrant and tasty memory for a long time. Our coffee is grown and roasted under the guidance of experienced farmers and roasters to reach you in its best form and taste. We will gladly satisfy your every sip of delight and transport you to different parts of the world with our high quality freshly roasted Black Rabbit artisan coffee.


Our Association is active in Komotini in the Prefecture of Rodopi and was founded in 2019 following the initiative of a group of friends, whose common feature is the love for running and sports.

The members of the Association are amateur athletes, many of them distinguished in road races on asphalt, mountain, track.

Our goal is to spread the passion for running and general for sports with all the benefits that come with it:

Spirit of noble competition, development of body and spirit, maintenance of good physical condition, entertainment, promotion of social life and of course utilization of free time away from the stress and routine of everyday life.

We participate in road races and other social and cultural events of Komotini and aim to highlight the city and its people at a pan-Hellenic level and even maybe Balkan.

So we are happy to invite you to participate in our running events, reminding you that you don’t need to be a champion or an old athlete to get involved in running.

Put on your sneakers and just start running!