K3 ULTRA GBR Participation Rules


Participation requirements

Who can participate

Male and female participants who have reached the age of 18 on the day of the start are allowed to participate in the race. This race is a serious challenge and all competitors must have the necessary equipment, and be in excellent physical and mental condition.

Before the race, competitors must be aware of the length and specific characteristics of the respective route and be perfectly prepared. They have to deal with all the challenges that participation in mountain running hides, such as bad weather conditions – snow, rain, fog, cold, heat, possible physical injuries, moving through the dark part of the day, encountering wild animals.

All participants sign a declaration of agreement with the conditions of the race and disclaimer to the organisers.

When am I registered?

Anyone wishing to participate in the races must register by selecting a distance, entering additional data and paying the appropriate entry fee.

Registration is considered to be completed ONLY after payment of the relevant fee, for which the race organisers will personally notify each competitor at the e-mail address indicated.

The entry fee is being determined at the time of payment, regardless of when the registration is made, as stated below.


Registered candidates who have filled in the necessary declarations will be allowed to participate in the race. Print out, fill in, and sign the declarations, then, along with your ID, bring them personally at the Headquarters on the day of receiving the starter pack.


Obligations of participants

Equipment of participants

For races of this scale, participants must be well equipped and have the necessary equipment.
For each of the routes, the organisers will have indicated the mandatory and recommended equipment. Mandatory equipment must be presented by competitors when receiving the starter pack.

The organisers of the race reserve the right to inspect the availability of all items of mandatory equipment during the race. The absence of any one of these elements will lead to disqualification of the participant.

The use of trekking poles is permitted. It is not allowed to leave poles at the aid stations. A competitor who starts with poles must finish with them.


Strict adherence to the rules is required by all participants in the race. This will ensure the safety of all competitors and help protect the mountain.

Violation of the rules of the race is sufficient reason for the organisers to disqualify any competitor.

The following actions are prohibited:

  • Going outside the limits of the race route.
  • Getting help from outsiders not at the designated areas.
  • Failure to follow instructions of judges and officials.
  • Lack of any part of the mandatory equipment.
  • Failure to assist a person in distress on the route.
  • Use of substances and practices included in the WADA Prohibited List.
  • Dropping litter on the route and the areas around it.

Ethical relations

Participants must follow the instructions of the judges and other staff of the organisers.

All competitors are obliged to render assistance to any person – another competitor, referee, aid station staff, as well as spectators and tourists in case of need, regardless of any delay that may be caused by this.

If a competitor finds himself in a dangerous situation together with others, he must first take care of his own safety before helping others.

Unregistered participants are not allowed to be on the route together with the competitors; neither is receiving help from people outside the organised stations, except in cases of extreme urgency.

Organisers, doctors, members of medical teams, members of rescue teams, volunteers, as well as all persons authorised by the organisers, have the right to stop competitors from participating if they consider that their condition does not allow further participation in the races. The decision of the said persons shall enter into force immediately.

Environmental protection

Competitors must move on the marked route only, and it is forbidden to drop any kind of litter on the route and near it.

In order to reduce waste, there will be no plastic cups and water bottles at the aid stations. All competitors must carry a suitable container for the water and other beverages provided at the aid stations.

Spectators and supporters are advised to use public transport whenever possible.


The race

When will I receive my starter pack?

On the day before the start, from 12:00 pm to 12:00 am, each participant in the race will receive a starter pack after presenting an ID document, together with the printed out and signed copy of related to the rules of the event and presenting the mandatory equipment for the respective distance.

Competitors in the GBR 23 distance can collect their starter packs on the day of the event.

Aid stations

The organisers will set up aid stations in appropriate places along the routes. These stations will offer water, soft drinks and food to the competitors.

Food and water at the aid stations are intended only for officially registered competitors.

An information board will be placed at each aid station, which will contain information about:

    • the name of the aid station and the name of the next one along the route;
    • distance and ascent to the next point;
    • total descent to the next station;
    • time limit to reach the next station – where such a limit is set;
    • availability of water sources along the route to the next station;
    • relative difficulty of the transition to the next station.

Competitors are allowed to receive help from outsiders only on the territory of the aid stations and in the places designated for this purpose.


The race routes pass through public and private properties and will not be closed to non participants! Competitors must make sure they overtake or pass by people in a way that is safe for everyone, even if that means slowing down or even stopping if necessary!

When passing through populated areas and roads with traffic, competitors must comply with the traffic rules of the Republic of Bulgaria!

The race routes cross a major thoroughfare – participants must be extra careful in such sections!