How the K3 ULTRA was born

The idea of creating the K3 Ultra GBR Ultramarathon was born almost simultaneously in the hearts of its organisers, who soon gathered and created the K3 Ultra Association. The diverse knowledge and skills of each participant in the association is valuable, and their success lies in the union that gives birth to one of the most loved, beautiful and visited ultras in the country.

The mission of K3 ULTRA

We created the K3 Ultra GBR with the mission to promote sports to both the younger generation and everyone else, because sport is health. Our desire is to instil respect and love for nature, because its preservation depends on us. That is why we also created the green cause of the K3 Ultra GBR, with which we reforest the surroundings of the host town of the ultramarathon after each edition of the event.

The team

Founders and organisers
Emilia and Rumen
Route maintenance manager
Asen Kakarov
Volunteer coordinators
Radostina and Petar Krastevi
Kiril Sokolov
Social media
Zlatina Dzhambazova
Veronika Nikolova