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We at the K3 Ultra team welcome every fresh idea, every helping hand in support of the endeavour, because the ultramarathon is a test not only for the participants, but also for the race organisers!

Welcoming and accommodating the runners, technical provision, logistics, aid stations, transportation are only part of the activities on which the safety, the comfort of the competitors and the successful finish for every athlete depend.

Such an organisation can only happen with the unreserved support of volunteers. These are the people who help for the sake of the cause and the desire to be useful. Their contribution is invaluable because they prove that the endeavour is worthwhile and meaningful!

If you would like to volunteer for the K3 ULTRA challenge, please contact us. The adventure is guaranteed!

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What can you be in K3 ULTRA


Aid station manager

Responsible for the overall work of the team. Pre-load food and inventory from a designated location. Location of the station along the route. Contact with "volunteer managers". Packing away the station after the last competitor has passed by.


Aid station assistant

Food and rinks arrangement. Assistance to competitors. Keeping spirits high.



Control of race data in a timing system.


Volunteers at main points

Traffic regulation at key locations.


Start-Final volunteers

Water supply. Medal awarding.


Medical persons

Doctors on each route to provide medical assistance to the competitors.



Video or photo shooting

Become part of our team and experience the emotion together with the competitors Become part of our team and experience the emotion together with the competitors

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