What to expect from the GBR 43K adventure?


The race


Madan, 14 Obedinenie St.


Zlatograd, 1 Stefan Stambolov St.


28/09/2024, 9:00 am

Control time

9 hours

Registration fee

Early bird registration

from 01.04.24 to 05.04.24 including

Early bird registration price

24 Euro

Standard registration

from 06.04.24 to 05.08.24 including

Standard registration price

28 Euro

Late registration

from 06.08.24 to 05.09.24 including

Late registration price

30 Euro


6 Euro

How can I pay

Bank transfer

Bank: DSK Bank​
IBAN:​ BG71STSA93000025826614
Recipient: ​Sdruzhenie "K3 ULTRA"
Reason for payment:​ Your names and registration code

Easypay / ePay.bg system

By bank cards registered in ePay.bg
By bank cards not registered in ePay.bg (ePay World)
In cash at EasyPay checkouts.


• Registration without payment is NOT considered finalised!
• Early registration without payment does NOT reserve the right to a discounted fee (the fee is determined at the time of payment, according to the prices indicated for the three registration periods).
All three registration  periods DO NOT include a GBR K3 ULTRA T-SHIRT in the starter pack. When registering for the event it can be additionally purchased.

We are also pleased to present K3 ULTRA GBR 43K. The start will be given in Madan.

The distance is special because the start is in Madan, and the final – in Zlatograd. The course is the classic marathon length of just over 42.195 km.

From the centre of Madan, runners will take a narrow path that will take them to the “sunny” village of Maglyane (the name is derived from the Bulgarian word for “fog”), and from there almost all the time the route will pass above the so-called Madan Ore Field, where runners will be able to see both unique mineral formations and special technical facilities. They will pass under the unique cable car and reach one of the most impressive rock formations in the Rhodopes – Kechi Kaya, around which you can see the remains of the important medieval Koznik Fortress.

An aid station with Rhodope delicacies from the Madan region is also organised here. The route then passes by the Babkata Mound and through an amazing beech forest to reach the border itself. On the southern border, runners can admire the Rhodopes in friendly Greece, and in clear weather on the over 2000 m high peaks of the Samothrace Island. To the east is the dreamlike valley of the Varbitsa River.

From the border there is a smooth descent again along the ridge of the mountain that passes above the village of Alamovtsi, where there will be an aid station, through Rupchevo Peak, Kilovi Kolibi and Kosora Peak. After that, the runners descend to the St. Ekaterina Chapel. And from there to the finish in Zlatograd, are only two kilometres, the same for all distances.

A marathon from Madan to Zlatograd!

Great things happen when people and mountains meet!


The K3 ULTRA GBR T-shirt is made of high quality breathable fabric to be a loyal and faithful ally of the runners in the mountain. The design of the T-shirt successfully conveys and complements the overall experience of K3 ULTRA.

*The T-shirt of the event is NOT included in the starter pack, but it can be ordered additionally on registration.

What is included in the K3 ULTRA entry fee

What you get

Starter pack

The starter pack for each contestant includes a starter number, gifts from the sponsors and partners of the competition as well as a special surprise prepared by the organisers.

Perfect event organisation

K3 ULTRA participants will have carefully placed markings, cleared and safe trails with minimal asphalt sections, electronic reporting of the results, information on hotel accommodation, tent and camper site. Professional photo footage.

ITRA Certification and UTMB Index

Ability to qualify for the UTMB® Index and for ITRA Certification.

Medical assistance

The safety of the participants in the ultramarathon is ensured by mountain insurance included in the entry fee and the availability of medical assistance during the entire event.

Food and drinks

The aid stations at the ultramarathon will be stocked with water, hot and refreshments. Special food is also provided – fruits, vegetables, Rhodope specialities, as well as supplements.

Unforgettable moments

Amazing views, emotional experience, fabulous Rhodopes and new friendships. All participants who cross the finishing line of K3 ULTRA will receive a medal - part of the Grand Slam, uniting the leading ultramarathons in Bulgaria.


Maps, tracks and technical information

Get ready for the big day

Important information about the race



Mandatory equipment will be checked at the start or when the starter packs are given. Each participant must carry their own mandatory equipment and may be checked at any station OR at the finish line when the race has ended. Everything that is missing from the mandatory equipment, will result in immediate disqualification. There are no penalties for a missing recommended gear.



Competitors must fill in certain declarations in order to participate in the race. You can download the declarations here. Please read, print, sign and bring in person to the Registration Desk.

Download declarations here:

1) Non-liability statement
2) Data Privacy Statement
3) Declaration of participation of persons under 18 years of age



Download GPX tracks here to help your route navigation.

Download track here:

1) Official GPX track


Registration for K3 ULTRA

Anyone wishing to participate in the K3 ULTRA Ultramarathon must register and sign in by selecting a distance, entering additional data and paying the appropriate entry fee.
(Users who have registration in iRun.bg, don’t need to register again.)

After 05/09/24 no registrations will be accepted. On-site registrations are not available.

* The distance can be changed before payment is made.
* Water, medical care, aid stations, electronic reporting of results are provided for all participants at all distances.
All participants in distances GEOPS PROFI, 13K, 23K, 43K, 63K and 85K who have finished in the control time receive a medal – part of the Grand Slam.